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“TheAxlRoseDisaster” youtube uploader suffering from exhaustion following Golden God Awards

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Following lengthy investigations, DTJN editor Mike Hunt can confirm tonight that the user responsible for “The Axl Rose Disaster” series on youtube is suffering from exhaustion following Guns N’ Roses recent appearance at The Golden God Awards.

The user, who asked to remain anonymous and will henceforth be referred to as Buster Cherry, spoke candidly to Mike Hunt about the now infamous series of uploads before finally discussing his overwhelming stress following The Golden God Awards:

“It all goes back to Guns N Roses appearance at Rock in Rio in 2011, followed by The Bridge School Benefit in 2012. I couldn’t get over how awful the performances were in comparison to the guys who actually made Guns N’ Roses but who cannot actually call themselves Guns N’ Roses. I suppose the yellow raincoat that Axl wore in Rio should have alerted me to the clusterfuck that was about to unfold, but I think I got distracted by some asshat emo manchild trying to flog cheap tat in between murdering those classic guitar solos. Then when it came to November Rain I pretty much just lost my shit. I just knew that I had to alert the world to this tragicomedy of errors”


“It pretty much blew up from that point onwards, much like Axl’s waistline”  Cherry remarked.


Sensing the obvious discomfort of Buster Cherry, Mike Hunt then changed the subject to that of The Bridge School Benefit. Which was clearly a mistake on his behalf.

“IT WAS WORSE THAN AIDS….” screamed a distraught Buster Cherry


Here at DTJN, we will let you, the discerning reader, decide for yourselves. We do however include an advisory that the content is NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS.


After Buster Cherry composed himself somewhat, our intrepid editor Mike Hunt changed the subject to the Golden God Awards and asked Cherry as to why he has yet to upload The Axl Rose Disaster parts III through to X (that is 10 to our non-Roman readers)

“There…there is just too much content…it was like a tidal wave of shit coming through my laptop screen” sobbed Cherry

“I mean, did you see what DJ Ashba did to Sweet Child O’ Mine? It was like he was trying to murder that sweet child with a broken guitar string!”

Of course, here at DTJN we adhere to strict journalistic standards, no matter how much we think the performance sucked ass. So here is the clip in question and our now mandatory advisory when it comes to DJ Ashba  – NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE WITH TASTE

Buster Cherry however has hatched a plan as to how he can upload all of The Golden God edition of the Axl Rose Disaster series.

“I’ve outsourced the work to India. I’ve promised them all some Ashbaswag in return. I have a team of 20 working 18 hours a day to get the content up. Ashbaswag is hugely popular there because they think it is the clothing line of the Amul Girl.”

Unfortunately, here at DTJN, we can’t help but think that there is a link between Appetite for Dish-truction and the ongoing trainwreck that is Guns N’ Roses.


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