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MYGNR announce new MEDIA CREW

Popular Guns N’ Roses fan forum MYGNR appointed three forum members to their new MEDIA CREW this week, in a statement posted by owner UKSUBS.

The three members in question have been confirmed to be none other than NGOG – familiar to forum members for his shitposting, well known Robert Finch stalker Broskirose, and Canadian Velvetgirl  Gunsguy.

Speaking from the warmth and comfort of his nursing home, UKSUBS spoke excitedly about this first step in implementing his strategy to take MYGNR to even greater heights of popularity.

“I believe MYGNR is the biggest and best GNR forum on the intertubes,” wheezed the feeble geriatric.

“Despite the fact that there is no news whatsoever coming from this band, I believe it is in our best interest to appoint not one, but THREE news reporters, some of whom will be joining us from other GNR forums that have been doing a far better job of it to date.”

“We’re are (sic) already lining up some cool interviews and surprises! stay tuned folks!!” croaked Subsy, before his nurse ended the interview abruptly out of concern for his well being.

“Bless his cotton socks,” said Matron Madison Nutgrove speaking exclusively to DTJN.

“He hasn’t been himself lately at all, he’s been talking all kinds of gibberish for the past few weeks. We’re going to increase his meds and see how it goes. I’m afraid there will be no more interviews for a while yet.”

Earlier today, DTJN contacted the three forum members for a statement. Forum member NGOG confessed  – “I know it’s nonsense but I couldn’t say no to the wishes of a pensioner in his dotage.” Efforts to contact both Broskirose and Velvetgirl  Gunsguy proved unsuccessful, however DTJN did manage to speak to forum member Bacardimayne who had the following to say:

“That statement from UKSUBS has to be the shitpost of the day, possibly even the year. Everyone knows that Broskirose only accepted because he wanted an even bigger platform to confess his homoerotic desires for Robert Finch. Velvetgirl  Gunsguy actually thinks this will bring him one step closer to being a mod, which is actually hilarious as it will never happen.”

Stay tuned indeed!



  1. Beta says:

    We feel the same way…

  2. Roberto says:


  3. Miser says:

    I thought Madison was black.

  4. Fuck MYGNR says:

    MYGNR has failed it’s members on so many levels that it isn’t even funny. “No..No …wait, guys. I promise. The best is yet to come”.[Regurgitate the same tired shit every so many months like we’re complete fucking morons who actually believe this shit]. REALITY: Subs and HV were NOT the right people to run the forum and it shows now more than ever with them bringing back complete and total morons who contributed to the site’s ultimate downfall in the first place. GG, Zint, and NGOG are abso-fucking-lutely worthless. Another great decision, you clueless asses. Oh. And what about that cry-baby ass bitch Russtcb (the whiner who attempts closing ALL threads that don’t kiss his hero’s ass)? It’s hysterical how he talked shit about mygnr for YEARS and then suddenly was elected as mod once he went stomping away from his own site like the pussy,vinyl collecting loser that he really is.

    The truth: MYGNR died back in 2010 when Madison was ousted and the day BBA stopped posting.


    A one-time mygnr fan

    PS – There’s a reason you have 20 active members these days and decreasing daily. And no. It’s not soley due to this band sucking BIG TIME!

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